Universities to Offer Two-Year Degrees That Still Cost the Same

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's educational people have had an idea about how to make the prospect of university more appealing to some -- getting it all over and done quicker. Universities will soon be allowed to offer full degree courses that can be completed in just two years instead of the usual three, letting the youth get out of education and into low-paid service jobs for overseas tech unicorns that use nothing they've just learned even quicker.

The catch is that the two-year degrees won't cost two-thirds the price. Instead of spreading the full cost of the qualification over three years, it'll be halved instead, meaning that the fee cap will be raised so universities can increase their maximum fees from £9,000 a year to over £13,000 to cover the newly condensed learning process.

The Department for Education says the fast track degrees will have exactly the same weight as those earned the older, slower way, so for kids who are more into learning than partying it ought to make sense to choose the quicker way -- and it'll cut down on living costs for people studying away from home so could end up being cheaper for learners too. [Guardian]

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