VW Says it Didn't Break any UK Laws, so no Compensation for Anyone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Volkswagen's UK boss Paul Willis was interrogated by the parliamentary transport committee yesterday and was in remarkably bullish form for the boss of a globally shamed company, claiming that there won't be any compensation for UK VW owners because they didn't actually break any laws here.

The carmaker's claims centre around the way the cars that cheated their emissions tests were sold within the UK. Because they weren't advertised on their nitrogen oxide emission levels there's no "legal basis" for any compensation scheme to be put in place here, it believes, as all the VW owners bought their cars because of the brand, the colour, the connectivity options, the steering wheel material and the sound the door makes when it shuts.

Willis also updated the MPs on the progress of the fixing job that's being done on infringing cars. He says 470,000 out of the 1.2 million affected cars in the UK have had their systems tweaked, with 20,000 cars a week currently being seen to. [IB Times]

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