Watch Adam Savage Give a Nerf Blaster an Impressive Scifi Movie Prop Makeover

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Despite being made of plastic, Nerf’s dart blasters look incredibly realistic and detailed—as long as you can ignore their garishly bright colours. Adam Savage apparently could not, however, so he spent an entire day giving the Nerf Longstrike CS-6 a fantastic facelift to make it look like a prop from of a scifi blockbuster.

Nerf blasters come with those bright colour schemes as a way to catch the eyes of children in toy shops, and because of government regulations preventing toy weapons from looking too much like the real thing.

Savage’s makeover of the discontinued Longstrike CS-6 doesn’t end up looking like something you’d find in Call of Duty. Instead, it resembles a sci-fi prop it definitely comes across as a weapon you’d expect to see a space marine carrying into battle. If you’re not already jealous of this creation, you will be after learning this was actually the Secret Santa Christmas gift Savage created for a lucky Imgur user who posted his unboxing of the magnificent prop online. [YouTube]