Yellow Car Solidarity Drive Planned for April 1st

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man who lives in the cutesy Cotswold village of Bibury in Gloucestershire has been having a bit of a hard time of it recently, as locals have decided his bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa is an eyesore -- and have been telling the owner this via the medium of vandalism.

Owner Peter Maddox has had the word "MOVE" scratched into the paintwork of his car and some windows of the vehicle have been smashed, as locals try to convince him to move the thing to pretty up the village and stop apparently ruining the photographs of tourists with his yellow lump.

But it's still there and the cavalry is coming. Fellow yellow car owner Matty Bee is organising a solidarity cruise later this year, and is asking other owners of yellow cars to join an all-yellow car convoy to the site in a show of support, perhaps while listening to Coldplay on their stereos.

The cruise is scheduled for April 1st, with over 50 yellow vehicle owners already pledging to attend. Bee told the BBC: "...we'll be having a celebration of anything yellow and showing solidarity and support as well for Mr Maddox and the yellow cars." [BBC]

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