You'll Soon Be Able To Talk To Your Sky Q Box

By Holly Brockwell on at

In a presentation to industry bods, Sky has revealed that its plans for this year include adding voice search and later, full voice control to its Sky Q boxes.

The company is going big on innovation for Sky Q, having already announced that you won't need a satellite dish as of next year, and the "innovation pipeline" shown off in the meeting reported by Broadband TV News includes lots of interesting developments.

Voice search is the first item, meaning you should soon be able to tell your box to put a particular programme on, or potentially ask it questions about actors and shows (like Amazon's Fire TV Stick). Then, around midway through the year, this will get an upgrade to "full voice control," which presumably means Alexa-like commands to turn the box on and off, record shows, rewind, play next and so on. This means you can lose the remote down the sofa and still lay there all day marathoning hands-free junk TV. Which sounds excellent if you ask us.

Sky also announced UHD Formula 1 coverage, the ability to record a somewhat ridiculous six shows while watching a seventh, and the launch of Sky Q in Italy, Germany and Austria by the end of 2017. [Broadband TV News]