YouTubers Done for FIFA Betting Operation

By Gary Cutlack on at

A couple of the weird new generation of people who make a living out of putting videos of themselves playing games onto YouTube are in trouble, after pleading guilty to running an unlicensed betting site based around the FIFA franchise.

Craig Douglas, who operates under the extremely cool 1990s internet name of "NepentheZ," was also the co-owner of betting site FUT Galaxy. The problem was that FUT Galaxy let people gamble on real-world sporting events using their in-game FIFA 2017 currency then transfer their winnings back into their games -- or sell on the black market -- which is not something the UK's Gambling Act allows for.

Douglas and his business partner Dylan Rigby have both been hit with tens of thousands of pounds in fines and legal fee charges, although the case hasn't stopped Douglas churning out the unintelligible banter about the game, though, so all's well in YouTube football land. He's also said sorry and, being as he's all about the content, is putting together a video to tell the story. The circle will then be complete. [BBC via Engadget]

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