9 Songs In The UK Top 10 Are By Ed Sheeran

By Holly Brockwell on at

Hearty congratulations to Coldplay, whose single 'Something Just Like This' with The Chainsmokers has broken into the Ed Sheeran Chart at number 7.

The other nine songs in the UK top ten are all from Sheeran's new album, ÷ (it's pronounced 'Divide,' don'tcha know), and since the album has 16 songs on it, 16 of the current top 20 tunes are also by him. Stormzy, Katy Perry and Rag 'n' Bone Man also got one song each. Well done, guys.

Sheeran is a pioneer of an approach we'd call Genericism As A Service (GAAS, which is also what you'll get if you listen for too long). Clearly it's working for him, as Divide has multiplied like an unchecked fungal infection and taken over the entire top 20. Maybe his next album will have 100 songs on it so no one else can get a look in at all.

Seriously, though, our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Sheeran, because we can't afford to be sued by someone who has the pocket money of the entire teenage population at his disposal. Well played, sir. [Digital Trends]