A Carpet Cleaning Company Made A Wet Hoover For Dogs

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you know the name Bissell at all, it's probably from their range of carpet cleaners, hoovers and floor sweepers. In other words, they do things for floors.

Now, they've turned their knowledge of deep-cleaning carpets to a different kind of furry covering: dogs' coats. They've made the brilliantly-named Barkbath, a portable gadget that's somewhere in between a shower and a carpet shampooer.

There are a lot of very good boys in the video:

"Clean me plz, thanks"

The Barkbath should be considerably better for the environment, water-wise, but also better for worried woofs. Wrestling a stressed Newfie into the bathtub is a job for patient professionals, but this looks like something even we could do.

Despite being an established company, Bissell put the Barkbath into crowdfunding – presumably to see if there was enough interest. It's their first crowdfunded project, and has already made more than double its $50k (about £40,000) goal.

Currently, it's only available to Indiegogo backers in the US, but Bissell products are widely available here so we'd expect to see it on these shores when it goes into production (or you can use something like MyUS to get one via America, but it'll cost ya). The campaign has a month left to run, so hopefully by this time next year we'll all be bathing our best buddies – and hairier friends – like walking carpets.