UK Devs Can Now Add To Alexa's Flash Briefing

By Holly Brockwell on at

Developers in the UK and Germany can now contribute to the Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing, otherwise known as the little snippets of news you get when you say "Alexa, what's new?"

The new Flash Briefing Skill API, part of the Alexa Skills Kit, lets you build a skill that connects your RSS feed or podcast to the flash briefing, using either audio or text-to-speech.

Here are Amazon's suggestions for what you can do with the new skill:

· Create a skill with news from any provider that authorises you to use their content, and provides a public API
· If you’re a blogger you can configure your RSS feed to build a skill for your readers
· Podcast host? Simply host the audio for your podcast and provide a JSON feed to allow your listeners to hear your latest episode as they get ready for the day

Obviously, it isn't quite as big a deal as Google's news today, but it does presumably mean you can get your flash briefing to begin with "FLASH! AA-AAH!"

Do it. Do it now.