All Nice Food Must Taste Worse and be Smaller

By Gary Cutlack on at

Public Health England has published a list of demands aimed at the food industry, in which it asks food manufacturers to cut the sugar content of nice things -- particularly those aimed at children -- with the aim of reducing overall sugar levels in key foods by 20 per cent by the year 2020.

Things kids get all over their trousers and the table are the main focus, with yogurts, cereals, biscuits, cakes, ice creams, sweets and sugary spreads the key targets, and PHE asking manufacturers to consider reformulating products if changes can't be made by simply being a bit less slap happy with the Tate & Lyle in the factory.

The paper says that the three-pronged approach to tackling childhood obesity should also look at reducing portion sizes and shifting the marketing spend to encourage the buying of low sugar or sugar free alternatives, with the initial target asking for a five per cent drop in food sugar levels by August of this year.

PHE boss Duncan Selbie said: "The scale of our ambition to reduce sugar is unrivalled anywhere in the world, which means the UK food industry has a unique opportunity to innovate and show the rest of the world how it can be done. I believe reducing sugar in the nation's diet will be good for health and ultimately good for UK food business." [Public Health England]