An Afternoon Spent at IKEA Is Even More Painful When You Weaponise Those Tiny Pencils

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Even the most mild-mannered among us can’t spend an afternoon inside a sprawling IKEA warehouse without leaving full of rage. But if you want to drown your frustrations, do it in cheap hot dogs and soft serve ice cream instead of walking out the door, determined to weaponise those tiny IKEA pencils.

Up until about an hour ago we assumed the most dangerous thing at an IKEA store was those giant, all-wheel-steering shopping carts. But slingshot aficionado Joerg Sprave shows us countless ways those tiny brown pencils can be used to make a trip to IKEA even more excruciating. He even builds his own semi-automatic pencil blaster, which, while not lethal, still looks extremely painful should you shoot yourself in the arm. Tip: Don’t shoot yourself in the arm. [YouTube]