BA Could Face £300k Compo Bill for Five-Hour Toilet Roll Crisis

By Gary Cutlack on at

A BA flight that spent hours on the tarmac while staff stressed about not having enough toilet roll could end up costing its operators hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation and additional expenses, so perhaps it should've taken off anyway and told passengers to use the scented napkins?

The flight in question was a 777 going from London Gatwick to Barbados, departing at 1:40pm on Sunday and with 280 passengers on board. There was an initial hold up of one hour and 40 minutes due to the toilet roll shortage, but that meant staff had been milling about for too long and the flight team had to be refreshed, so all the passengers were disembarked and, eventually, returned to the plane to leave for their hols five hours late.

But it's all OK, as BA handed out vouchers, the international currency of the apologetic corporation. A BA spokesperson said: "We are sorry customers were delayed after some of the many items needed for the flight weren't loaded on to the aircraft. We gave customers refreshment vouchers so they could get something to eat and drink in the terminal and we got them away on their holidays as soon as the aircraft was ready." [Star]

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