Reddit Proves Baby Pigeons Do Exist In London After All

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's a question that's been doing the rounds since the email forwards of the nineties, alongside "why don't sheep shrink in the rain?" – why don't you ever see baby pigeons?

The BBC, among others, have investigated the issue in depth – but thankfully Redditor SpeakMouthWords is here to put us all out of our confusion. Baby pigeons do exist in London, and they can prove it:

Baby pigeon let me get close at Vauxhall from london

The bird, seen at Vauxhall station, is really more of a toddler than a baby – but we won't split feathers.

Now we've finally settled that one, can we work out why people still think they're funny and original for calling them "rats with wings"? [Reddit]