BBC's Slow Radio to Feature Four-Hour Walk in the Countryside

By Gary Cutlack on at

BBC Radio 3 is taking the trend for slow TV -- hours of pottery, train rides, canal trips and bus journeys shown unedited -- to a weird new place, by broadcasting four hours of "slow radio."

So yes, that will be fours hours of background noise of the outdoors. The hope is it'll be popular with people in cities who've never heard birds other than pigeons and seagulls and wouldn't want to go anywhere that might dirty their ironic plimsolls anyway, as the show encompasses a trek around the Black Mountains in Wales and should therefore treat listeners to such sounds as buzzards and sheep and the pitter patter of rain on Berghaus Gore-Tex.

According to The Times, it'll cover a 12-mile walk from Cwmdu to Hay-on-Wye, with travel writer Horatio Clare handling the introductions. Clare told the paper: "I hope the sounds will transport listeners. We will get bird, obviously, hopefully buzzards, ravens and skylarks, sheep and possibly some ponies."

It's to be broadcast on the end of May Bank Holiday Monday, so if it's raining you can stay in bed all day on the internet and imagine having a nice walk. [The Times]