Bentley's EXP12 Speed 6e Has Two Chairs and an Electric Motor

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bentley has a new car to show us, if concepts count as cars -- the EXP12 Speed 6e. The 'e' meaning electric, the '6' meaning it has six... wheels.

The concept has been previously shown as a hard-topped car with a roof, but now, seeing as it's summer, the luxury car firm's designers has decided to see what it looks like as a convertible. The big news for enthusiasts of the modern way of doing things is that it's now an all-electric roadster, with a potential range of around 300 miles. That puts it in Tesla territory.

Although it's substantially more bonkers than a Tesla on the inside, seeing as it's for bonkers rich people:

Looks like it would all wipe clean in the event of an emergency. Bentley's design director Stefan Sielaff said of the concept and the competition: "Although this is an electric car, we were passionate that it had to represent the soul of the brand. We certainly didn’t want it looking like some kind of driving refrigerator. Our job is to transport the advantages of electric drive into luxury cars in a way our customers appreciate, which is why EXP12 still has its modern expression of our traditional grille."

Bentley says public opinion will drive the decision to actually make it or not, which is nice, but probably a massive lie, as it's presumed it'll be added to the carmaker's line up in 2019. [Autocar]

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