Britvic Has a Wooden Drinks Bottle in Development

By Gary Cutlack on at

Drinks manufacturer and bottler to the stars of the fizzy pop world Britvic has an idea that could save the world from gradual plasticisation and the death of the sea -- a wooden drinks bottle. You could just throw it on the floor when you're done having your 20 teaspoons of sugar.

A basket of new moulding and processing techniques are being used by the bottler to assemble wood fibres into those bottle-shaped things everyone needs to hug as they go about their business these days, and it's even come up with a bottle top made out of the same fibres creating, potentially, a fully world-friendly bottle.

Britvic's Clive Hooper doesn't seem to be hugely optimistic that it's anything more than an eco-friendly headline at the moment, though, as he told Business Green that: "The project is still at the exploratory R&D phase. I don't know whether the pulp bottle will become a mainstream bottle in the future, but what it is for us is an opportunity to experiment with new materials."

There will need to be some sort of coating on it, though, to keep it watertight. Perhaps they can capture turtles and render down their shells? They're hard and waterproof. [Business Green]

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