BT And Openreach Are Getting A Divorce

By Holly Brockwell on at

BT's hold over broadband infrastructure org Openreach is finally at an end, with Ofcom winning the drawn-out battle to legally separate the two.

Finally Openreach will be allowed to move on and blossom in its own way, separate from its stifling co-dependence with BT. It'll become its own legal entity, have its own employees, a new strategy, a separate management team and perhaps a nice haircut just in case it walks past its ex.

It'll now get to have its own friends, working with BT broadband competitors like TalkTalk and Sky before making big decisions. Those companies should finally get better prices and service for their customers, and someone new to go to the cinema with.

Openreach said it'll be getting its ill-advised BT tattoo removed from its bumcheek logo forthwith. Meanwhile, BT told friends it was totally fine but was reportedly seen posting My Chemical Romance lyrics to Facebook and eating family-sized gateaux. [BBC]