This Bot Prints Trump's Tweets, Then Sets Fire To Them

By Holly Brockwell on at

It seems even robots hate Donald Trump's tweets. A Twitter account called @BurnedYourTweet has been replying to them with a video of said tweet being printed out, cut, then burnt.

The bot's been on Twitter for less than a week but already has more than 20,000 followers.

However, while the appearance of the videos is that the whole thing is automated, we have our suspicions. Firstly, they're all very zoomed in, which doesn't allow you to see the entire setup, and secondly we very much doubt (hope) anyone's stupid enough to make a bot that sets fire to things without human intervention.

Our first suspect for the culprit was the awesome Simone Giertz, aka ShittyRobots, but this tweet would suggest otherwise:

Also, if it was her, she'd have given a clearer view of how the robot worked, and she definitely wouldn't have had a naked flame so near to a power cable.

Still, it's the Trump-tweet-burning robot we didn't know we needed, and we applaud whoever made it. Hope they've got a good fire extinguisher for the next election.