Burning Tampons and Nappies Will Soon Generate Power

By Gary Cutlack on at

A waste recycling company has hit upon a potentially useful thing to do with old sanitary products and nappies -- wringing them out (hopefully by machine), baling them up and burning them in power stations.

The concept comes from PHS Group, which says the tax costs of sending sanitary products to landfill might soon make it more cost efficient to have them recycled and burnt instead. The company's given its process a name too, with the LifeCycle system combining mechanical separation with a chemical treatment process to turn them into RDF -- a refuse derived fuel that's certified for use in power generation plants that burn biomass produced from waste.

The group's chief exec Justin Tydeman said: "We have spent almost a decade refining the LifeCycle process and we now have a viable option for diverting hygiene waste products away from landfill. For the first time, we can all enjoy the benefits that the products bring and know that they are disposed of in an environmentally responsible way." [CIWM via Business Green]

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