Cardiff Might Have a Nice Bit Soon

By Gary Cutlack on at

Welsh planners have approved a massive enhancement of the fringes of Cardiff, with a plan to build nearly 6,000 new homes given the go-ahead.

The scheme will see a new "garden city" called Plasdwr created in a part of the outskirts of Cardiff that's currently fields and trees, with developer Redrow Homes taking on the job. It won't just be houses either, as the masterplan for the 900 acre site includes room for four new schools to serve the children of new inhabitants, numerous shops, a GP clinic, health centres, pubs and even a lump of ground left as the original soil for allotments.

A hardwired pedestrian and cycle route through the new town is planned to make it nice for men to power through on £3k road bikes, plus there's the tantalising teaser of a "tram-train" that could be used to link it into existing transport infrastructure, for those who don't plan to live out their entire existences within its new brick walls.

A massive £2bn is the headline total cost of the build, which could take as long as 20 years to be fully complete -- and might provide jobs for up to 30,000 people during the construction phase. [BBC]

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