Here's How To Change Your Uber Pickup Location After Ordering A Ride

By Holly Brockwell on at

Everyone who uses Uber knows the feeling: you request a car to your "current location," confirm, confirm, ignore surge, confirm – and then you notice the pin is nowhere near where you are. And in between you and the location your driver is helpfully winging their way to is a 5-lane road, or a lake, or a pair of six-inch heels.

Today, Uber fixed it. You can now update your pickup location after booking the car – if you're on iOS, at least. After trialling the new version in a few cities, from today it'll be part of the iOS app in the UK, US and Canada, with Android to follow in the next few weeks.

An Uber spokesperson explained:

"Pick-ups are one of the hardest parts of the experience to get right, and they’re especially difficult when riders accidentally request a pickup from the wrong place. It often begins with a phone call and ends with a cancelled ride.

A small miscue can lead to a frustrating situation where riders aren’t riding, and drivers aren’t earning."

So, how do you do it?

How to change your Uber location after requesting a ride

1. Check your driver is already on the way. If not, you can just move the pin to where you need it and then request the ride.

2. If they're en route, hit 'Edit' next to your location.

3. Put in the right place and hit 'Confirm.'

4. Boom! Your driver has the right address and you don't have to spent ages wandering about in the dark.

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