Chelsea's Ugly New Football Portal Wins Approval

By Gary Cutlack on at

Football would still appear to be popular, as the pen-pushers in London have said yes to Chelsea's plan to build a new stadium that can fit even more idol worshippers inside it. But still only 22 of the richest ones will be allowed to sit on the grassy bit in the middle, which isn't very inclusive.

Chelsea's new stadium is likely to cost around £500m, and will increase the capacity of the venue from 41,600 to 60,000, so should pay for itself within a few decades. The plan is to ship the team out to somewhere else, probably Wembley Stadium, so that the existing Stamford Bridge site can be demolished and turned into a new thing, with the planned design having a bit of 1970s small town library to its exterior appearance.

They're going to need a lot of bricks, mind:

The final decision was backed by London's mayor, who said: "Having taken a balanced view of the application, I’m satisfied this is a high-quality and spectacular design which will significantly increase capacity within the existing site, as well as ensuring fans can have easy access from nearby transport connections. I’m confident this new stadium will be a jewel in London’s sporting crown and will attract visitors and football fans from around the world." [Standard]

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