Children Vote to Ban Wearing of Red Noses

By Gary Cutlack on at

Children at a school in Bedfordshire are worried about NTDs (nose-transmitted diseases) to such an extent that they have voted to cancel the wearing of the comic nasal prosthetics during the school's charitable festivities today.

The heated democratic process took place in the assembly room chambers at Aspley Guise Lower School this morning, when speaker and head teacher Melanie Mercer took the vote. The children took action due to a rash of colds and general sickness that has beheld the school recently, and they decided that in the interests of safety it might be best to not risk accidentally wearing someone else's nose and catching what illness they might have.

The bad news for parents in and around Aspley Guise is that the school's various fundraising events are still taking place, so they still have to go in and forcibly mingle with the parents of other children. [BBC Beds]

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