Confirmed: We're Not Getting the 64GB LG G6 in the UK

By Holly Brockwell on at

At the LG G6 launch on Sunday, the brand unveiled two versions of its new cinematic G6: one with 32GB of onboard storage, and one with 64.

However, after noticing that none of the networks carrying the G6 seemed to be stocking the larger version, we asked LG for clarification - and a spokesperson told us that indeed, the 64GB handset will not be making its way to these shores.

It's not a huge deal, because the phone also has a microSD slot with space for up to 2TB of extra storage, and thankfully this isn't one of those cases where the lower-storage phone also has less RAM. It's 4GB in both handsets.

We doubt this'll put many people off the LG G6, but it's good to know - especially if you were waiting for your network to get them in.

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