Cornish Drone Police Go Full Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Devon and Cornwall Police force is looking to up its drone coverage of the counties, with a job listing advertising the permanent position of drone manager -- and saying it heralds the launch of a 24/7 police drone assistance service in the region.

It'll also cover Dorset, with equipment based at nine stations under the control of the new drone manager. Someone a bit like the token characters played by Simon Pegg and Ricky Gervais in Hollywood blockbusters is required to man the system, which has been running on a trial basis in Devon and Cornwall since 2015 using four DJI Inspire 1 drones.

Searches for missing people in the region have been assisted by drone since then, with the full unit set to launch this summer and expected to expand its uses to chasing suspects and delivering hot pasties to bored men on stakeouts. [Mirror]

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