Crayola Deletes Dandelion Yellow from History

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's #NationalCrayonDay apparently, and king of the wax stick Crayola has used it to announce the death of an entire colour.

The crayon maker has decided to chop Dandelion Yellow from its default range of colours, seeing as our dead-eyed, house-bound children never see the sun any more, so have no need for the particularly bright colour choice.

There's no news on what colour is set to replace the vacant slot in the company's standard box of colours (it'll be revealed tomorrow), although something like space grey or rose gold would be handy, so the kids can more accurately draw the things they spend all their lives looking at.

Maybe a fake tan orange for drawing their favourite YouTube celebrities? British passport blue? Processed chicken grey? Bloodshot eye red? [Crayola via BBC]