Curious About Scotland? Try it in VR First

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stressed about exchange rates and want to holiday nearer home this year so every family lunch doesn't cost £85? Try Scotland. It uses the same money, mostly the same language and has mountains and sea and B&Bs, and if you're still not sure there's now an option to have a quick look around its greatest tourists spots in VR before committing to getting there.

It's been assembled by tourism news aggregator Visit Scotland with help from a basket of Scottish creative industries, with the result being an Android and iOS app that lets you take 3D spins around such delights as Edinburgh Castle and the extremely bonkers Falkirk Wheel. It's all been rendered in 3D so it comes across like a quirky indie PC exploration game, although there's also a selection of 360-degree photos and videos in it for proper pre-trip visual acclimatisation.

It'll work with a Google Cardboard VR headset, or if your phone can't do that or if you're refusing to go anywhere near VR because of how stupid it makes you look, there's a phone mode where you can scroll around things in 360-degrees using your device's motion sensors. [Visit Scotland]

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