Dreamy Slo-Mo Footage of Dolphins Chasing a Boat Will Make Your Day More Manageable

By Andrew Liszewski on at

As you stare at your computer screen on a slow afternoon, you’re probably wondering why your job doesn’t involve majestic dolphins and stunning background scenery. We don’t have any answers for you, but at least there’s a fullscreen option so you can temporarily forget all those emails you’re avoiding.

Shooting with the Sony F5 digital cinema camera cranked to 100 frames per second, Damian Christie captured this ethereal slow motion footage of dolphins leaping out of the water as they chased his boat racing through New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. If you close your eyes and blast the sound, it’s almost like you’re there, and not trapped on a metaphorical hamster wheel. [Vimeo via BoingBoing]