Energy Companies Are Already Planning to Limit Electric Car Charging

By Gary Cutlack on at

The futuristic electric car utopia is under threat before it's even arrived, as one UK electricity supplier warns that charging points may have to be time-delayed to avoid the commuters of the country smashing the grid to pieces when they all plug their e-cars in to charge at 6:25pm every evening.

This menace to society and the kettles boiling is being forewarned by transport minister John Hayes, who said: "We know the demand for electric vehicles places the national grid under pressure. It’s critically important -- we are working on this. It’s particularly important that we charge smart, so we flex demand and take advantage of spare capacity."

And electricity supplier SSE is trialling such a system that delays charging of electric vehicles by a few hours to make sure they're doing it after everyone's microwaved their convenience meals, had their cups of tea and watched their evening TV.

Which sounds like a great idea for the electricity suppliers, but isn't so appealing for future electric car owners. Being told you can only start charging your car a few hours after plugging it in is hardly going to convince people who demand a 300-mile range to cover every three-minute trip to the supermarket to go electric. [Guardian]

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