Every '90s Kid Will Want This Transforming Power Rangers Megazord Lego Set

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Lego master builder ckb ckd needs to submit this meticulously detailed transforming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord set to Lego Ideas, so the rest of us can vote to have the toymaker turn it into a real set we can one day spend lots of real money on.

We’re glad the Power Rangers have finally been given the big-budget Hollywood movie treatment, but kids who grew up in the ’90s will almost certainly still prefer the low-budget charm of the TV series. It’s clear ckb ckd does, made evident by all the work that must have gone into building this Lego Megazord that actually breaks apart and transforms into the individual Tyrannosaurus rex, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, mastodon, and sabre-toothed tiger Dinozords.

As if building a Megazord toy out of Lego that actually morphed wasn’t hard enough, ckb ckd went one step further with their model to include the Dino Megazord Tank Mode which, admittedly, was always kind of a disappointment in the show, but is impressive here.

The Power Rangers movie hasn’t exactly been going gangbusters at the box office, which means this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers revival might be short lived. In other words, don’t expect Lego to be chasing down that property. But through Lego Ideas, it might one day see the light of day. [Flickr via Brothers Brick]