Footballers Struggle With Architecture

By Gary Cutlack on at

The modern architectural powerhouse partnership that is ex-footballers Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville are having a bit of a bad time with designing buildings, after public reaction to their planned bronze Manchester twin towers likened the £200m development to a vertical catastrophe that would straddle the area like the legs of a giant idiot caught doing a metaphorical wee on the streets below.

The idea was to create two new towers in Manchester's St Michael's area, using the Giggs/Neville brand to associate them with success and money and therefore attract rich people to live in the luxury flats and visit the five star hotel. They were even to be bronze in colour, like some types of money and the artificial or winter sun tans of the super rich, but public reaction to the plans and opinion from the design and historical worlds was so negative that Neville has now asked the council to bin the planning application.

Neville explained to attendees at the MIPIM property conference that a rethink is being had, like some sort of architectural half-time team talk involving the hairdryer treatment, saying: "There is no doubt we have not pleased everybody. We have tried to listen and made many, many changes," adding that criticism of underused streets is also being addressed in a reworking of the plan.

Heritage England has previously said the project would be guilty of "...irreparably damaging the special character of the surrounding conservation area," so there's some way to go to convince people that flattening a few old pubs to build billionaire totem poles is a good move for the city. [Guardian]

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