Get an Even Better Look at the Justice League Ahead of the New Trailer

By James Whitbrook on at

This weekend, DC and Warner Bros. will reveal the next trailer for Justice League—and they’re going to spend the next two days reminding you of that with a tonne of new posters and little snippets of footage. Here’s the first batch, focusing intensively on Atlantis’ king, Aquaman himself, followed by Batman and the Flash.

The new footage is very brief, but features new shots of Jason Momoa in action as Arthur Curry (including getting his giant trident—is it really a trident with all those extra prongs on it though? A quindent?—tossed to him by Batman). It’s short, but appropriately epic for the film’s larger-than-life take on the character.

The armour’s not new—he wore it in the first picture of the team shown at San Diego Comic-Con last year. But it’s probably our best look at it yet, considering since then we’ve mainly seen Aquaman running around topless, as the King of the Oceans is wont to do. It’s a bit too green compared to Arthur’s traditional look, but still, suitably scaly and whatnot.

Here's another teaser another teaser this time featuring Batman. Who just loves to perch on meaningful, high statues.

And here’s the poster:

Now, The Flash:

We’ll add more as they come out.