Google Home Undercuts Amazon Echo With £129 Price Tag

By Holly Brockwell on at

Google's equivalent of the Amazon Echo, Google Home, is officially coming to the UK on the 6th of April – and it's £20 cheaper.

Google announced pricing in a blog post this morning, after promising the speaker was headed to these shores shortly. The lower price point – £129 vs £149.99 – is likely to cause anxiety at Amazon, because while Alexa's had a head-start in getting established in the UK, the Google Assistant is already familiar to many people who have it on their phones.

The slick-looking speaker unit will be available directly from Google, as well as at Argos, Dixons, Maplin, John Lewis and EE. It's also customisable, unlike Echo, with coloured fabric bases costing £18 and metal costing £36. While it's probably not a dealbreaker for most people, making the speaker fit in with home decor from day 1 is a smart move.

However, while Amazon also offers the considerably cheaper Echo Dot, which can be hooked up to your existing speaker if you don't need a new one, Google currently doesn't have an equivalent. So anyone really money-conscious will likely stick with Amazon for now.

As to which home assistant will reign supreme, that remains to be seen – but this is a strong start from Google.