The UK Finally Gets Google Wifi

By Holly Brockwell on at

In addition to the Google Home announcement this morning, the Powers That G have revealed that we're finally getting their mesh home Wifi system Google Wifi on our little island.

Like Google Home, a single Google Wifi unit costs £129, or you can get a two-pack for £229 if you need more than one.

Gifi – as we're calling it – will be available directly from Google from the 6th of April, and also at Dixons, Argos, Maplin, John Lewis and Amazon. Guess which of those retailers isn't carrying Amazon Echo rival Google Home? Yep.

Google's announcement blog post says:

Traditionally Wi-Fi routers haven’t always been built to support the increasing number of devices we use or high bandwidth activities like gaming or watching videos. Google Wifi is a connected system that replaces your current router to bring smarts, security and simplicity to home Wi-Fi to give you consistently strong coverage in your home.

If you don't know why you need a mesh network, there's an explainer here. But also just 'cause the router your ISP gave you is probably the wifi equivalent of two cans and a piece of string.