Heathrow Says Gentle Terraforming Could Offset Runway #3's Carbon Output

By Gary Cutlack on at

Heathrow has come up with a plan to try to get the environmentalists on its side with the coming of its third runway, suggesting that the site could eventually be considered carbon neutral thanks to an odd solution that has nothing to do with the business of ferrying people abroad.

It's not planting trees that's the answer either -- it's restoring peat bogs. Apparently, an interesting thing we've just learned 90 seconds ago is that the UK's peat bogs are in a state of disrepair. This means they're rotting too much and releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than they would otherwise, so one possible Good Thing a major business could do to win over environmental groups could be cleaning them up; so they release less carbon and there's more room in the sky for the fumes that 260,000 extra flights Heathrow's third runway would generate.

That's according to the future blueprint Heathrow 2.0 that the airport has had people assemble anyway, with chief exec John Holland-Kaye saying: "We are not doing this to convince somebody that we are anything we aren’t. We are setting out what we are going to do and people can judge us by our actions. We are going to play our part in the challenge of climate change." [Heathrow 2.0 via Guardian]

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