How To Remote Control Lights When You Don't Have A Smart Home But You Do Have A Dog

By Holly Brockwell on at

Necessity isn't the mother of invention, laziness is.

You're never more creative than when you need to find a way of doing something without making any effort at all. Usually this means expending more effort in getting the workaround to do the job, but it's oh-so-satisfying when you succeed. As Redditor Pdmcmahon will tell you.

Said Redditor posted a gif showing how to operate your living room lights without investing in one of those overpriced smart bulbs, or indeed using tech in any way. All it takes is a toy and a dog.

This has got us thinking about other pet-based ways to circumvent the smart home. Can I train my fat budgie to work the thermostat? Can we set up a cat-specific wake-word for Alexa so Felix can put her music on? What if dinosaurs could open doors? Nah, that'd be ridiculous. [Reddit]

Main image: Unsplash