How to Watch the Samsung's Galaxy S8 Launch From Wherever You Are

By Tom Pritchard on at

As we all know by now, Samsung is launching the Galaxy S8 this afternoon - at 4pm to be exact. This means we'll all get to see this brand new phone that totally, definitely, wasn't leaked months ago. While we here at Giz UK will be covering the launch, some of you will be wanting to watch it live. Here's how you can do that.

Unlike some big phone companies *cough*Apple*cough*, Samsung isn't one for using strange encoding that only works in a couple of browsers. So you don't have to get your hands on a Mac, iDevice, or even *shudder* switch to Edge. You can carry on using whatever machine you're reading this on, and enjoy what's on offer. You do have a couple of options, however.

The easiest way to watch the stream is to watch it here. Samsung typically streams its events over YouTube, so we'll have that embedded below so you don't have to worry. Alternatively you can also head over to the Galaxy Unpacked website, or watch it on YouTube proper.

If regular streaming isn't your jam, you can also download the Unpacked 2017 app for Android and iOS, which will let you watch the whole presentation in 360-degree video.

Or you can skip all the boring fluff that the presentation will no doubt bring, and just wait for us to post the highlights. Everything important will be up on site, so you don't have to worry about missing a single detail.