IMDB Adds An 'F-Rating' To Make Female-Led Films Easier To Find

By Gizmodo Australia on at

Designed to highlight films directed by, written by or significantly featuring women, IMDB's new "F-Rating" is due to roll out any time now - with the first 21,800 films already added to the list.

The "F-Rating" was first used in 2014 by Bath Film Festival director Holly Tarquini in 2014. It is now used by over 40 cinemas and festivals across the UK.

To meet the "F-Rating", films had to pass the "Bechdel Test" - there needs to be at least two women, with names, talking to each other, about something other than a man. It might seem simple, but it's not as common as lot of people realise.

"The F-Rating is a great way to highlight women on screen and behind the camera," IMDb founder and CEO Col Needham said in a statement.

With women making up only 6.4 per cent of Hollywood directors - according to the most recent Director's Guild of America survey - the rating seems to be a great way to discover some great talent that might have otherwise been lost in the male-dominated masses.

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