Indian Washing Machines Now Have a "Curry Mode"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Panasonic has achieved the corporate holy grail of proving that it listens to its customers, with the launch in India of a model of washing machine with a special "Curry" option for getting the awkward yellow stains out of clothing.

It's not really using any amazingly special new washing machine innovations to do so, though, with Panasonic saying it's more to do with a tweak of existing programmes that pumps in a bit more water and varies the spin cycle a bit in the hope that it might somehow do a better job of it than simply wedging a month's worth of things in and pressing Start.

Although Panasonic would like people to think it tried really hard and that it will make a genuine difference, as it apparently spent two whole years testing various cycles and flow rates to get a combination that best removes specific food greases.

Panasonic says tweaks of the system could roll out to other Asian markets offering to clean up alternative local specialities, which means there could eventually be one for the UK designed to get bacon grease out of everything. [BBC]

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