Isolated Group of Scotsmen Realise War on Women Ended Years Ago

By Gary Cutlack on at

A small group of men who never got the message that women are OK now has finally given up the fight to keep them away, with Muirfield golf club voting to let women enter the premises as full members.

The old chaps only did it under distress, though, as the golfing authorities told the club that it wouldn't be allowed to host open golf events unless it changed its man-only members policy. So it changed its policy, with around 80 per cent of members voting in agreement with the modern idea of letting women in to do something other than wipe the piss off the floor beneath the urinals and cut the crusts off their sandwiches.

Don't expect a particularly warm welcome there if you are a woman, mind, as when the issue was last voted on -- way back in the dark ages of 2016 -- 36 per cent of members voted against the idea of letting women in, failing to meet the two-thirds limit needed for change. So lots of old men have either been suddenly changed by all the feminism doing the rounds, or, more likely, are pretending it's fine because of the financial implications that having an open tournament taken away from them triggers. [BBC]

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