It's OK: You Peak At Things Way Later Than You Think

By Holly Brockwell on at

A general sense of calm and wellbeing has descended at Giz Towers this morning as a result of the news that we peak at various life skills far, far later than we all imagined.

It's easy to think you're over the hill at 25 in our youth-obsessed culture, and with various studies depressingly finding that our abilities at everything start declining as soon as we leave the crib. But a Business Insider compilation of the scientifically-backed ages we're best at things is much more forgiving than you'd expect.

For instance:

  • Satisfaction with your life peaks at 23, yes, but it peaks again at 69
  • Nobel Prize winners make their big discovery around 40
  • Your salary peaks around 39 if you're female, 48 if you're male
  • Your maths skills are best at 50 and vocab in your 60s
  • We feel best about our bodies really late in life: women about 74, men in their early 80s

Also, you're more likely to make huge life-changing decisions when your age ends in a 9. Definitely not out of panic or anything.

The whole piece is well worth a read. Calmed us right down.

Main image: Pexels