Jaguar Relaunches the E-Type as £285k Refurb

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jaguar Land Rover is doing that thing it does again, where it takes some old cars people liked and completely rebuilds them to as-new factory spec. Then dangles them out there for a ludicrous amount of money so rich people can buy them to put in garages.

This time it's Jaguar's most famous car of all that's getting the rebuild treatment -- the E-Type. Just ten of the cars have been sourced from around the world, brought back to the Jaguar Land Rover Classic division and entirely rebuilt to the condition they'd have been in when new.

This comes at quite a price, though, with this first example -- a 1965 Series 1 coupe -- costing around £285,000, should you be connected well enough to even know where or how to buy one.

Jaguar's Tim Hannig said: "The resources and information available to Jaguar Classic’s expert technicians are unrivalled, which results in the most authentic E-type restorations possible." [Autocar]