Lack of Sleep Blamed for Your Rubbish Tweets

By Gary Cutlack on at

Office rudeness has been found to rocket when people spend a bit too long on their phones after bedtime the night before, with a survey suggesting that lower levels of self control caused by not getting enough sleep can trigger bad behaviour the next day.

Not sleeping enough can lead to random bad decisions being made, with the Rotterdam School of Management saying these mood swings and bouts of daytime grumpiness could lead to billions of pounds in lost productivity each year, as bad staff skive off and spend hours composing apology emails to the receptionist.

The core issue is a lowered ability to regulate impulses when you've had a late night on social media or the sex cams, which might lead to new bad-boy character traits emerging in people with previously spotless HR records.

The report also found that a lack of sleep could make it harder to stop thinking about problems in the workplace and feelings of failure, hence you might spiral into a destructive cycle of doing bad things, then thinking about them all the time, and hating everything and every one.

Which explains this 2017 version of the UK perfectly well. Put the phone in the bread bin at 9:00pm. [BBC]