Everyone Exaggerates Laptop Battery Life Except Apple

By Holly Brockwell on at

A new study from Which? shows what we've all long suspected: many manufacturers hugely overstate how long their laptop batteries last.

The researchers at Which? took fully charged laptops from all the big names, then used them until they ran out of juice from tasks like watching films and web browsing over WiFi.

They tested 8 laptops each from Acer and Asus, 3 from Apple, 10 from Dell, 12 from HP, 20 from Lenovo and 6 from Toshiba, then compared average claimed battery life to average actual performance across those devices. Each laptop was tested at least three times, and the results are disappointing if not surprising:



Which? says for some laptops, estimates were more than double the actual performance.

On the bright side, Apple's estimates were actually found to be too low, if anything – Macbooks consistently outperformed their advertised battery life. A Macbook Pro 13 with a stated life of 10 hours lasted for 12, for instance, while a Lenovo Yoga 513 claimed 5 hours and achieved just over 2. Pitiful.


Read the full report here, then send it to your mate with a PC. Ner ner.