Could We BE Any More Excited About This Lego 'Friends' Set?

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're big kids at heart, so news that a (strictly unofficial) 'Friends' Lego set is coming has us more excited than Joey at Thanksgiving.

Called 'Buddies' and featuring a very Central Perk-esque 'Coffee Place,' the set is a collaboration between and Lego builder Tom Young.

The amount of detail that's gone into it is incredible: superfans will be like "Oh. My. God."

For instance, Ross and Rachel's heads are double-sided, with the second face covered in marker pen à la "The One in Vegas." Joey has a pizza and a 'Days of Our Lives' script. Ross even has his "Rachel vs Julie" pros and cons list.

The Central Perk playset is full of details too, with printed menus and branded mugs. No Gunther though – he must be out the back, putting the rubbish out the proper way after being told off by Phoebe's badge-wielding boyfriend.

Nick Savage, director of, said:

“We had to do this. We’ve been huge fans of Friends for a long time and we have an amazing printer. It would have been irresponsible not to make a LEGO tribute.

It’s been great fun, trying to pack as many little nods to the series in as possible. It’s been complicated for us to create, but it’s well worth it”

Unsurprisingly, the lovingly-made set is pretty pricey. It'll cost you £260 for the whole lot, or £60 for just the minifigures. But as toys go, we're pretty sure this one's our lobster.