Virgin Media's Standard Broadband Speed Is Now 100Meg

By Holly Brockwell on at

Virgin Media has just embarrassed all the other broadband providers by making ultrafast 100Mbps fibre its standard package, and increasing available speeds to 300Mbps.

A slightly sassy quote from CEO Tom Mockridge points out that Virgin's packages begin where most providers top out (the highest widely-available Openreach speed is 76Mbps):

"By beefing up our bundles we’re leaving our competitors in the rear view mirror, starting where they finish. Eye-watering speeds, a better box and top-notch TV is a winning combination.

More and more switchers tell us they are joining Virgin Media for our faster speeds and we understand why - whether it’s 4K Netflix, box sets in multiple rooms or online gaming, the best entertainment requires the best broadband and we’re making sure our customers are covered with these bundles at incredible value.”

If you get Virgin Fibre VIVID (VM's name for the top speed packages) on its own, your monthly cost on a 12-month contract including line rental starts at £32.25 for 100 meg and goes up to £47.25 for 300 meg. Plus there are about a billion packages including TV, home phone and so on: people with a 4K TV might want to check out the bundles including the V6 box, which supports UHD and has a terabyte of storage.

If you have a Trump-level bank account, the Full House bundle which is basically the best of everything – 300 meg broadband, all the TV and a V6 box – costs £83 a month.