LG G6 Preorders Are Looking Strong

By Holly Brockwell on at

LG has announced that preorders for the impending LG G6 are looking good, averaging 10,000 a day in South Korea.

In the four days since preorders opened, LG's received more than 40,000 – though it's important to note that these are not actual sales, and might not convert. It's more like a reservation, making sure there's a G6 with your name on it.

LG said in a blog post that the high preorders might have been swayed by a generous package of freebies worth 450,000 Won (about £318) in Korea, including a one-year screen guarantee, official case, LG Tone Plus Bluetooth headset, mobile keyboard and mouse, and the option to buy a coffee machine worth £141 for under £4. Crikey. Makes our "free 4G!" phone networks look a bit rubbish.

LG is also singing its own praises about the number of awards received for the G6 at MWC, but of course Samsung unusually didn't release a phone there this year, which left something of an open goal for other brands. The G6 does indeed look super-cool, but when you take the biggest Android player out of the game, winning isn't quite as impressive.

Will those preorders turn into sales? Will the S8 knock the G6 out of the running? Will we ever get a fancy coffee machine for £4 with a phone? We'll see you next week on Game of Phones. [LG via Slashgear]