Lofree Is The Mechanical Keyboard Of Wannabe Writers' Dreams

By Holly Brockwell on at

There's something about typing on a mechanical keyboard that gives you a feeling of being a Proper Writer. Whether it's the typewriter-like clickety-clicking or just the general feeling that you're really exercising your fingers, it definitely feels better to write on one. Even if it's just a tweet.

As the makers of new keyboard Lofree point out, most mech boards are made with gamers in mind. Won't somebody please think of the writers? We want to feel like Arthur Conan Doyle, dammit.

Their solution is a typewriter-inspired clacky keyboard with a gorgeously minimalist design. Everything about it is beautiful, from the round keycaps to the pastel shades to the compact form factor. Finally, a mechanical keyboard that won't let your desk down in Instagrams.

Lofree can be wired or wireless; works with not just Windows and Android but iOS and Mac OS; can do up to three devices at once so you can switch easily between phone, PC and tablet; has three backlight settings and a sleep mode.

Just take our money, jeez. That's the sad bit, though: it's not available quite yet. You can preorder through Indiegogo, but it'll be early summer before you feel those round keycaps beneath your hungry fingers.

We had a quick chat to team Lofree to answer some questions that weren't on the crowdfunding page:

Giz: Is there an option to have a UK keyboard layout? Will there be?
Lofree: Right now we only [have] the keyboard layout as we have shown in the photos. We will make other layouts later, but not at the beginning.
[You'll still be able to use it with the UK layout if you have that set up as your PC language, it'll just have the wrong labels on some keys.]
Giz: You mention that most mechanical keyboards are made with gamers in mind - does that mean yours isn't?
Lofree: It's not suitable for gaming actually, gamers have so many options, but the writer, designers, and normal people would love our keyboard.
Giz: Yay for normal people! Is there any kind of lag using the keyboard on wireless as opposed to wired?
Lofree: It's not noticeable during wireless.
Giz: Can we get Lofree in the UK?
Lofree: We do ship to the UK. It's free shipping to the US, other countries, we ask an extra $19 [£16] for the shipping fee.

If you get in early, the lowest price on Indiegogo is $79 (£65), so that'd make a total of $98 (about £81). Yeah, it's pricey, but all mech keyboards are. So far it's raised more than 2500% of its $10,000 goal, so we'd say there's a bit of an appetite for pretty peripherals with smart design. More of this please.