Logan: Essential Reading and Gifts

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week saw the release of Logan, the third Wolverine solo film and the last time Hugh Jackman will play the character on-screen. Before you head to the cinema to see his last outing, make sure you're prepared. Here's our list of essential reading, plus a few bits and pieces you can buy to show your love for all things Wolverine.

Old Man Logan, £17


While it isn't a direct adaptation, Logan does owe a fair amount to Old Man Logan - namely a world where mutants have died off, Logan's healing factor has diminished, and he's ditched the 'Wolverine' moniker. Old Man Logan also takes place in a dystopian future, where the Marvel villains joined forces to kill off all the heroes. Wolverine himself has taken up the simple life of a farmer, but is forced to take a job escorting the blind Hawkeye across the country in order to pay his rent and avoid the wrath of the Hulk clan.

That particular version of Wolverine also recently joined the mainstream Marvel Universe (following Secret Wars), with his own ongoing sequel series. [Buy it here]

X-23: The Complete Collection Vol 1, £20.06

With X-23, Wolverine's female clone, taking centre stage in the film, it might be worth reading up on her comics history. This is the first volume of her collected comics history, chronicling her harsh and horrific origin as an engineered killer, and how she came face to face with her progenitor and the X-Men. [Buy it here]

X-Men Collection, £25

Logan is the tenth film in the X-Men film franchise so it makes sense that you might want to remind yourself on everything that came before it - even if the continuity is an absolute mess. This box set comes with eight films that precede Logan: X-Men, X-Men 2, The Last Stand, Origins: Wolverine, First Class, The Wolverine, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse. Deadpool is missing, though that's not really required viewing to understand what's going on. [Buy it here]

Wolverine Origin & Origins

Back to the comics, it's well worth finding out where Wolverine actually came from. Origin chronicles his early life, from his time as a sickly child born into a noble family to early adulthood in the Canadian wilderness. Origins takes place decades later, and focuses on a Wolverine who has reclaimed all the memories of his past. Determined to exact vengeance against those who wronged him in the past, it takes readers on a journey throughout key moments in Logan's life, to show why he is who he is. [Buy Origin here | Buy Origins Vol 1 here]

Death of Wolverine, £12.08

The current status quo in the Marvel universe is that Wolverine is long-dead - which set the stage for X-23 to take up the Wolverine mantle. But how did he die? Stripped of his healing factor, this four-part series chronicles Wolverine's last days. Spoiler: he dies at the end. [Buy it here]

All New Wolverine Vol 1, £15

Laura Kinney, aka X-23 is now the hero known as Wolverine. Because the original is dead. This is the first volume in her ongoing series, showing her days taking on the Wolverine mantle and having to deal with a brand new problem: clones of her that are being turned into the weapon she failed to be. [Buy it here]

Marvel Unlimited, from $10/£8.14

If buying all those comics separately doesn't appeal, and you're happy with renting digital comics you can always sign up for Marvel Unlimited instead. There's a six month delay on new releases, and a lot of the obscure older stuff is still waiting to be added, but with over 20,000 issues there's plenty to be reading though. It's $10 a month, or $69 (£56.15) a year. [Subscribe here]

Slash & Serve Shredded Meat Claws, $10/16.27

What would it be like if you had claws like Wolverine? It would make preparing food an awful lot easier. You don't have claws, adamantium or otherwise, but with these doo-dads you can pretend you do. They're designed for meat, but you can use them to slice and dice anything you like. Just be careful not to hurt yourself, you don't have a healing factor. [Buy it here]

Enemy of the State, £15

What would happen if Wolverine were turned against his friends? Brainwashed by both Hydra and the Hand, Wolverine is turned back into the weapon he was intended to be and set against his friends. What do you do when the greatest killing machine in the Marvel universe has been tasked with killing heroes and stealing vital plans? [Buy it here]

X-Men: The Animated Series

Nothing quite lives up to the animated X-Men series from the '90s, and if you'd rather skip the films and the comics you can buy all five seasons on DVD. Unfortunately you're going to need to buy most of them separately. Id you want a more faithful adaptation than the films have offered, this is definitely for you. [Buy Season 1 & 2 here Buy Season 3 here | Buy Season 4 & 5 here]

Dog Tags

Whether it's for Cosplay, a costume party, or just for fun, the ensemble isn't complete without a set of Logan's dog tags. At least, it's not if you're doing the film version. [Buy it here]

Pop! Vinyl, £10

Cute isn't really the kind of word you'd use to describe Wolverine, but just look at this little thing. With it's giant eyes and off-proportion bobbling head, who couldn't love this face? Just be thankful it won't be going nuts and slicing your face off. [Buy it here]


Dark Phoenix Saga, £21

Fox is still moving on with the X-Men film franchise, and the next major instalment will be an adaptation of the Dark Phoenix Saga - which was last attempted in X-Men: The Last Stand. In it, Jean Grey gets possessed by the cosmic Phoenix Force, but ends up corrupted by all the power - unleashing its destructive force on innocent beings across the galaxy. You might as well get ready for that film while you can, and read up on the source material. [Buy it here]