Makers Launches 'Google For Founders'

By Holly Brockwell on at

Startup founders and wannabe entrepreneurs now have their own search engine in the form of Makers Search, a vertical search engine created by Berlin-based pre-seed investor Makers.

In the same way Google Scholar searches academic content, Makers Search looks through blog posts and articles by startup people: investors, founders, VCs and so on.

Friedrich A. Neuman, CEO of Makers, said:

"There are many good blogs and articles about the venture capital scene online, but so far there is no vertical search engine, which gathers the best articles, blog posts and newsletters bundled in one interface.

With Makers Search, we are creating a contact point for people who have for example always been wondering how to raise seed round funding, how to deal with convertible bonds or what’s the smartest way to scale SaaS models."

We tried it, and it does indeed instantly return useful content even from short queries:


The search engine is in Beta, but available publicly now in English. Give it a whirl here.